supersonicart: “Annie Owens & Craww” at Antler Gallery. Brand... October 23 2015


Annie Owens & Craww” at Antler Gallery.

Brand new work by artist Craww for the two artist show, “Annie Owens & Craww” opening on October 29th, 2015 at Antler Gallery in Portland, Oregon.

Craww’s work shivers to the bone and buries itself there in the marrow, causing a sensation unlike any other for as you view his paintings and illustrations they are at once familiar but at the same time brand new.  Perhaps they were taken from where they now reside, deep in your bones, and so a reasoning is developed and you realize he is giving back something you never even knew you had within you.

Craww will be showing work alongside Annie Owens (Her work for the show).   “Annie Owens & Craww” is on display until November 23rd, 2015.