Jungle Jaguar - orange and red


Cute orange and red art print of a jaguar sneaking through the jungle, a shaman by its side.

The first Mesoamerican civilization, the Olmecs, believed in shamanistic shape-shifting. Olmec shamans were essentially a connection between the spirit and visible worlds. The jaguar was a spirit companion or nagual, which protected the shamans from evil spirits while they moved between the earth and the spirit realm. Transformed shamans would have the intelligence and spirituality of man, combined with the ferocity and strength of the jaguar.

A hand signed, high quality print of my original screenprint.

Printed on beautifully textured 250gsm Tintoretto Gesso paper
Paper size A4 (21 cm x 29.7 cm)

The size of the print is slightly smaller, leaving a white border around the edges and making it easier to frame.

Sold unframed. Frame for illustrative purposes.

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