Marcini Interiors

"My creativity was cultivated during my time studying at the College of Design and Advertisements in Lodz, Poland.

"I was recognized as being one of the best costume designers for the most popular drag queens in the country. My designs where famous for focusing on every single detail, creating hand-made costumes and using the best materials while creating gowns.

"The goal was always to attract the audience attention and make the “Ladies” feel extremely comfortable wearing my creations.

"Now my new passion of designing cushions occurred accidentally. My sister asked me to design and sew a couple of cushions for her living room. After completing this challenge of creating unique cushions for my sister, she enjoyed having a real piece of art in her living room. The new cushions were admired not only by our closest family, but also my sister’s friends. This was due to the heart and effort I put into this project; exceptional design and fabrics used.

"I have now turned my apartment into a designing studio where I work on new creations every day."

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